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Looking for an experienced Australian exporting company or looking for a local importer? Search our import/export directory by industry in our comprehensive list of Australian companies. If you would like further information on how to list your company on the Australian Institute of Export website please contact us on 1300 361 526 or e-mail info@aiex.com.au.

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Adit Marine

Website: www.aditmarine.com.au
Category: Marine

All Adit Marine's Fresh Water Inlet Devices and Flushing Systems are manufactured in Australia, from quality local and imported products including marine grade 316 stainless steel, using state of the art welding techniques, and are pressure tested to 80 psi. Quality testing is employed at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the end product is nothing but first class and worthy of installation in any sea going vessel.

Adit Marine has a Fresh Water Flushing System available for motors from 20hp - 10000hp; and as an added bonus, regular cleaning utilises only fresh water – no chemicals are required to be used, and so no chemicals are released into the environment – saving our waterways.

Greg Maxwell
Managing Director
Adit Marine
38 Lindfield Street
Parkinson QLD 4115

Aeronaut Automation Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.aeronaut.org
Phone: +61 2 9450 0800
Category: Marine

Aeronaut Automation manufactures automated cutting machines with CAD and nestling software to suit a variety of applications, from sail making, sail stringing machines, carbon fibre, rubber and canvas goods, and much more.

Machines range from 1200mm square, up to 10 metres wide by 45 metres long. Tools range from blades to lasers and ultrasonic cutting options.

Aeronaut Automation machines are of the highest quality, low maintenance, robust, accurate and built to last for trouble-free plotting and cutting.

Geraldine Clark    
Aeronaut Automation Pty Ltd
4-6 Tepko Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084

Africa Prospect

Website: +612 8977 4023
Phone: www.africaprospect.com
Category: Professional Services

Specialists in International Business Development

Africa Prospect has been trading and facilitating new ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 30 years. We have the entrepreneurial skills necessary to assist foreign businesses to enter into these strategic and growing markets.

There are significant opportunities in these countries to foreign businesses but however there are challenges in the form of entry obstacles, language, cultural and operating differences, barriers and tariffs, limited market intelligence and local expertise.

Africa Prospect gets you into the market, assists in developing the business, implements the sales activities and logistical support.

We have a network of staff and partners covering over 20 countries that have an in depth understanding and knowledge of these markets. We can provide the market solutions required for foreign businesses to enter these markets and trade.

Africa Prospect can provide market intelligence, develop market entry strategies, arrange introductions to local partners, senior politicians and business leaders, obtain local specialist advice on legal, finance and tax issues, project manage and establish local operations and supply logistical services.

We are involved for as long as a business needs assistance to get established and trading profitably. We will provide a total support solution to suit your particular needs to ensure your uncomplicated and successful entry into these markets.

Contact Details

T: +612 8977 4023
F: +612 9907 8481
E: mark.bode@africaprospect.com
W: www.africaprospect.com

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