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The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has a long, proud history of supporting Australian international business. For the past 60 years we have encouraged, educated and assisted Australian companies to take on the world.

The ECA has the development of Australia’s resources via the promotion of Australian industry in international markets as our primary goal. We achieve this goal by:

  • Developing international business skills
  • Building Australian business capacity
  • Conducting international market research
  • Helping to break down barriers to trade
  • Building global networks
  • Informing Australian trade policy

Think globally. Think ECA!


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Dee-Ann Prather, Down Under Enterprises International
NSW Women in Global Business Award winner
Member of the ECA

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The Export Council of Australia

Building Australian business capacity
Building Australian business capacity

A range of business reports and apps to help you navigate doing business in new markets

Building global networks
Building global networks

Keeping you  up to date with international trade news and connecting you with international networks




Conducting international market research
Conducting international market research

Access to a range of business reports to help you navigate doing business in new markets

Developing international business skills
Developing international business skills

Educational programs for companies engaged in international business


Helping to break down barriers to trade
Helping to break down barriers to trade

Engaging with our members on trade policy related issues



Informing Australian trade policy
Informing Australian trade policy

Playing an active role in advocating on behalf of Australian companies.


Rewarding excellence in international business

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Award Winning
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Trade Policy
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The ECA runs a range of seminars and networking events. To learn more about important trade topics that affect your business please make sure to sign up to the ECA’s newsletter and receive notifications of upcoming events.


Take advantage of our new range of educational programs with topics that target new, established, and advanced companies engaged in international business.

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ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010
ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010

This ICC Guide to Incoterms® 2010 will help importers and exporters avoid costly misunderstandings by clearly defining the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods.

Buy Now »
The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone & Australia Purchase Publication »
Trade Policy Recommendations 3.0: 2015/2016 Download Publication »
Demystifying Korea Purchase Publication »
Mexico: Gateway to the Americas Download Publication »
Advancing Trade Development Purchase Print Publication »

Keep up to date with international trade news, from the ECA, Government, our partners and sponsors.

Are you Ready to Go Global?
Are you Ready to Go Global? Export Council of Australia

This half day workshop will cover the basic fundamentals required to access and prepare your business for entering global markets. The workshop has been created to help you to develop a successful international strategy and tools to identify global opportunities to ensure you are ready for international business success.

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Doing Business in China
Doing Business in China Export Council of Australia

The ECA has developed a quick reference guide to doing business in China. The app contains the basics of everything you need to demystify business in this important market, from market opportunities to ChAFTA at a glance.

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How do we drive export growth in Australia?
How do we drive export growth in Australia? Export Council of Australia

Trade is a key driver of jobs, innovation and long-term prosperity for Australia. Increasing trade and investment is absolutely crucial to unlocking Australia’s future economic growth.
As of 2013 there were approximately 45,000 exporters that exported $318.5 billion worth of goods and services. However, just 1% of exporters accounted for over 90% of all goods exported from Australia – which is much more concentrated than the international average, where the top 1% of exporters account for just 53% of goods exports. If we drill down even further, the actual number of companies that are regular exporters is even smaller.  CLICK HERE TO R EAD MORE >


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In a global world ALL business is global
In a global world ALL business is global Export Council of Australia

Whether you are competing with the world’s best to win international contracts or facing increasing global competition at home, it is critical for business leaders to understand the skills and competencies needed to go global. In our 50 plus years of training, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) has worked with a number of companies big and small to help answer the tough questions – Are we export ready? What are incoterms? Where do I find a logistics expert quickly? and one of the worst, My buyer seems to have gone missing, how will I get paid? 

Our Educational Pathway takes businesses from the stage of just getting started on to conquering new markets. The Educational Pathway structure provides an articulated learning pathway that ensures that participants gain practical skills and knowledge of procedures associated with international business.

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Marketing for International Growth. Sydney
Marketing for International Growth. Sydney Export Council of Australia

The Marketing for International Growth workshop is designed for businesses wanting to improve their market share or who are intending to enter new markets.

The workshop follows the journey from researching and validating potential markets to understanding customer needs in order to develop a value proposition that will resonate with the target audience and differentiate your business from the competition.

From here we look at the process of choosing the most effective channels to market and managing the potential conflicts that arise.

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Nominations for Export Heroes Awards now open!
Nominations for Export Heroes Awards now open! Export Council of Australia

The Export Council of Australia is now seeking nominations for the 2015/2016 Australian Export Heroes awards.  Just over ten years ago the Australian Export Heroes Awards were created by a group who believed in acknowledging the efforts of the people behind the companies that achieved outstanding export results.Whether from big established business or from the family farm or factory, they all deserve recognition for their vision, passion and sheer hard work. If you know someone who deserves to be thanked for their unique contribution, we invite you to please put forward a nomination. 


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Pricing Your Product or Service for International Success. Sydney
Pricing Your Product or Service for International Success. Sydney Export Council of Australia

One of the challenges any company faces when looking to sell global is trying to set prices and the terms of sale for their products and services in foreign markets.

There are many costs incurred in selling overseas and before setting any pricing strategy you need to ensure that all costings and all risk management costs and strategies have been factored into your pricing strategy.

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