The Export Council of Australia (ECA) is the peak Industry body for the Australian export community.  The ECA is the next exciting step in the evolution of the Australian Institute of Export (AIEx) which, for over 50 years, has had the interests of Australian exporters at heart.

Owned by its members and steered by a Board and a Council of Industry specialists, the ECA is a not-for-profit organisation that has the development of Australia’s resources via the promotion of Australian industry in international markets as its primary goal.  The ECA represents all exporters:  large, medium and small.

The Export Council of Australia will:

  • Equip Australian business with the skills and capabilities required to effectively and efficiently conduct profitable international trade
  • Make representations to and on behalf of exporters to appropriate decision makers
  • Undertake research to identify and quantify the issues affecting the development of profitable international trade activity by Australian SME companies
  • Interface with and provide support to sector specific associations and councils representing business engaged in international trade
  • Deliver activities which provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and rewards excellence in export

The ECA is the voice for Australia’s exporters.


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Leading trade policy research

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Developing international trade skills

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Breaking down barriers to trade

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Building global networks

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Assisting Australian companies to amplify global trade success

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The ECA is the voice for Australia’s exporters. Think global, think ECA!

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Represent the Australian export community to decision makers

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Smart Grid - Self Healing - NOJA Power

Uploaded by Lisa on 30-Aug-2012

Most electricity utilities in the world today are pursing smarter electricity grids.

These smarter electricity grids are being designed to automatically re-route electricity supply when faults occur on the network. This technology is known as self-healing capability. Pole mounted automatic circuit reclosers with intelligent self-healing algorithms provide the solution for electricity utilities to achieve this goal.

NOJA Power is a leading manufacturer of intelligent automatic circuit reclosers that provide this self-healing technology used as a key building block in smart grids today.
Tags exporter, manufacturer of intelligent automatic circuit reclosers, science & technology

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