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The Future Leaders in Export Club (FLEx) is a program run by the Export Council of Australia for both importers and exporters. The informal and interactive sessions are designed enable participants to share knowledge and ideas. Consultation sessions are lead by industry experts and provide an opportunity for members and representatives from export and import companies to discuss issues, share stories and learn useful tips .

After four years of running the program and listening to your feedback, we’re excited to be bringing you a new, fresh FLEx for 2014.  Focusing on real information, shared experiences and hands-on activities, we hope to inspire you and your business to bigger and better export achievements.


This year, FLEx sessions will be broken into four main series:

1) Who’s who in the Export Zoo?

Because export can be a minefield for the uninitiated – AND the experienced! – we’ve put together a series of sessions focused on just who does what in the world of export.  From the different State and Federal Government departments to the not-for-profit organisations that have a role to play in export, we’ll put them all into perspective.

2) Ask the Exporter

You want to hear about export from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) and we’ll help you to do just that!  These sessions will be interspersed throughout the year, with a successful exporter in a specific industry sector sharing their experiences every time.

3) Export Finance 101

Whatever the level of your expertise and experience, sooner or later every exporter needs finance – to fund that first export sale, or perhaps to tool up for a particularly big order/contract.  This series will give you the tools to approach your bank or the relevant Government agency with confidence.

4) See it in Action

This year we take FLEx out of the boardroom and into the real world!  These events are aimed at giving FLEx members a hands-on experience of export at the coal face, from site visits to successful exporters’ facilities, to guided tours of major port operations.

See below for more details on the sessions, all of which are being held in Victoria.

The time and venue for these events will always be as follows, unless otherwise specified:

Time: 8:00am-9:00am

Venue: Servcorp, Boardroom, Level 18, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne

FLEx 2014 – victoria:


Federal Government
What exactly does Austrade do?  And how do they fit in with DFAT?  Who is EFIC, and AusIndustry?  How does Customs & Border Protection work with DAFF? We’ll hear from representatives of all the major departments that interact with export.
06 March

State Government
Each State Government offers a range of programs for exporters.  This session will highlight the most relevant departments and programs in Victoria. 
03 April



Manufacturing (including site visit)
Hear all about the pros and cons of manufacturing, and see for yourself how a world leading manufacturer does it.
05 June


Trade Finance:  What? Where? How?
What exactly is trade finance?  Where do you go to get it?  And how do you ensure your application is favourably considered?  Get the low down from a bank!
03 July

Government Assistance for Exporters

There is help from Government – both Federal and State – for exporters.  This session will tell you what that assistance is, and explain how to access it.
07 August

The role of EFIC
Who is the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation?  How can they assist your export business?
04 September


Agribusiness/Food (including site/farm visit)
This session takes it to the land!  We head out of the city to see how food gets from the paddock to the plate, and then onto the aircraft.
02 October


Services have their own export peculiarities.  Often overlooked in the whirl of documents and declarations that surround physical exports, service providers have their own specific set of needs when it comes to selling their services offshore.  This session will focus on the do’s and don’ts for services exporters.
06 November


Port of Melbourne site visit
We wrap up the year with a visit to the busiest port in Australia!
04 December

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