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Individual Membership


Individual Membership is designed for those involved or interested in advancing Australian exports. There are two types of categories to which you can apply:

Member (MAIEx)

• By application a person who is employed in international trade or services to international trade and possesses an undergraduate degree in a recognised business discipline or can demonstrate five years experience or successful engagement in a senior role in the industry.

• A member of the Export Consultants Group

Membership fees: $50 initial joining fee & annual fee of $145 p/a

Associate (AAIEx)

• By application a person who is employed in international trade, or services to international trade, who does not hold a recognised qualification and has worked in international trade for less than five years.

• A person while not employed in the industry who maintains an interest in export or trade.

• A graduate of an appropriate tertiary qualification, at a level which meets the AIEx criteria, who successfully completes the On-Line Export Procedures & Documentation Course, after five years, application may be made to become a full member.

Membership fees: $50 initial joining fee & annual fee of $135 p/a

The below benefits are available are applicable to individual members, those that are n/a relate to Business membership benefits:                

 Membership Benefit
Individual membership
 Use of the ECA member logo for marketing purposes
 Company listing as part of the online Export Directory/ Members Directory
 Access to ECA events and seminars
 Access to podcasts and webinars- available for members only
 Opportunity to participate on State Advisory Councils and Trade Action Groups
 Invitation by the board to join the ECA National Advisory Council
 Discounts on all AIEx education & training programs
 Discounts on all AIEx Publications
 Membership of the Exporters Club - FLEx
 Access to export support line- free export support service
 Annual subscription to Export Magazine- relaunch in 2013 
 Access to Industry and Government network
 Engage the ECA on your behalf to conduct research
 Access to ECA international alliance network
 Workplace development for existing staff - in house training programs
 Networking events and seminars
 Promote company through ECA communication channels
 Membership and Voting Rights
 Access to network of corporate partners and alliances
 Internship Opportunities
 Use of MAIEX & AAIEx postnominals



Why Join?

As a member of the Export Council of Australia, you will have access to an organisation that:

• Plays a leading role in the development of Australia’s resources via the promotion of Australian industry, including SME participation, in international markets

• Will assist you to build skills and capabilities required to effectively and efficiently conduct profitable international trade (through the established AIEx)

• Make representations to and on behalf of your organisation to appropriate decision makers

• Undertake research to identify and quantify the issues affecting the development of profitable international trade activity for your industry

• Interface with and provide support to sector specific associations and councils representing your industry

• Deliver activities which provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and reward excellence in export

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