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New Online Tool to Assist Exporters


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) was instrumental in driving the development by ANZ of “Be Trade Ready”. The online tool gives Australian businesses access to comparative information on Free Trade Agreements in 10 key markets and across 16 industry sectors, and a wealth of market information.

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Trade Facilitation Agreement: A Well Needed Win for Global Trade


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) celebrates the entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), a significant event that is poised to change the future of global trade for Australia and the world.

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Trade Policy Election Event Puts Important Trade Issues Back into the Spotlight


The Federal election campaign has been in motion for some time with its main focus on domestic policy issues. However, the Export Council of Australia (ECA), the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (The Chamber) and the ANZ Bank (ANZ) have successfully put trade and investment policy issues squarely back in the spotlight with the election event which took place earlier today.

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North Queensland companies involved in international business are the target for a regional road show taking place on Thursday 2 June at North TAFE. The event is focused on Queensland’s most prestigious export recognition program the Premier of Queensland ‘s Export Awards and is on the hunt for regional businesses to take part says the Export Council of Australia (ECA).

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Australian businesses are set to benefit as the Export Council of Australia (ECA) launches an unprecedented international trade skills development program and the latest Australian Export Handbook (21st Edition), Australia’s only authoritative reference on international trade.

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The Export Council’s Response to Turnbull’s Trade Policy Statement


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) welcomes the Coalition’s Trade and Investment Policy, and the positive response we believe it will receive, although the ECA believe that more funding and commitment will ultimately be required for Australian businesses to reach their full potential.

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New Feature to Report Trade Barriers


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has introduced an exciting new feature on its website that allows companies to report technical barriers they are facing in export markets. Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) are measures applied by countries, other than tariffs, which can restrict imports. They can include measures applied at the border including customs documentation and licence requirements, and measures applied behind the border such as technical regulations, standards and testing requirements.

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Australia – Singapore Relations Hit New High


In a landmark deal announced recently by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Trade Minister Steven Ciobo, Australia and Singapore will benefit from closer cooperation across a range of areas including defence, innovation and visa access.

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ECA calls for futher funding for trade and investment in 2016 Budget


Measures announced in the 2016 Budget will help Australian companies take advantage of the ever increasing global opportunities. Highlights from the trade perspective include funding to expand the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) FTA portal, the investment in expanding Australia’s trade and diplomatic footprint, and funding for the implementation of the Trusted Trader Program says the Export Council of Australia (ECA).

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FTA training to boost economic growth


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) applauds the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grants program and as one of Australia’s leading providers of International Trade Skills we are pleased to partner with the Australia China Business Council to help deliver aspects of this enterprising initiative.

The 2015 Australian International Business Survey stated that 34% of companies identified that China was the most demanded FTA for Australian companies. Now we have FTAs with China, Japan, and Korea in force, support for Australian businesses to navigate the agreements and obtain a complete understanding of the benefits is vital.


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Trade & Investment top priority in this years budget


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) applauds the range of connected measures introduced in the 2015 Budget that will help Australian companies take advantage of trade agreements and facilitate new international business opportunities. In recent years the ECA has been persistent in advocating on behalf of exporters and is pleased to now report progress across a number of trade and investment related issues that will ultimately work in their favour.

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Export Council Applauds Efic’s Increased Focus on SMEs


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) welcomes the news this week that the government has amended Export Finance and Insurance Cooperation’s (Efic) lending ability to better support SME exporters. In its Trade Policy Recommendations to government, released in 2013, the ECA called for Efic’s capital resources to accurately reflect the demand for export finance and the agency’s level of risk exposure. The recommendations also called for Efic’s mandate to be amended to ensure the needs to the SME export community are adequately met.

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Strengthening Australia’s existing export controls is a good act to follow


The Export Council of Australia supports the amendments, passed by Parliament last week, made to the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012, although says it is imperative that the Government finds the appropriate balance so that Australian exporters are not overburdened with regulation and costs that impede on their international competitiveness.

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Export Council of Australia launches online Free Trade Agreement Tool with ANZ


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) and ANZ have today launched a website for Australian exporters, that simplifies the use of the 10 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed between Australia and other nations. The new “FTA Tool” ( is designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's FTAs quickly and easily. It also provides valuable information on doing international business, links to a range of resources and handy video tutorials on a variety of topics, including the Harmonised Code system and applying for certificates of origin.

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Australia Poised to enter International Government Procurement Arena


Following on from last year's trifecta of Free Trade Agreements the Export Council of Australia (ECA) applauds the announcement today that Australia has officially launched its bid to join the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). This plurilateral agreement will offer Australian businesses legally-binding access to government procurement markets estimated at USD1.7 trillion.

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Increasing Trade Development is Vital to Australia’s Economic Prosperity


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has released a compelling report that highlights the trade promotion activities offered by 10 of Australia's key export competitors including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Singapore in a bid to encourage government to take a long-term, strategic approach to developing Australia’s International Trade. The Advancing Trade Development report provides a solid foundation for understanding best practice and illustrates that the case for trade promotion organisations (TPOs) has never been stronger.


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Rate cut means better international competitiveness for Australian exporters


Australian exporters will be putting up a fair fight on the world stage as our competitive edge shifts after RBAs 0.25 percent rate cut and a falling Australian dollar. Its welcome news with many industry sectors set to benefit says the Export Council of Australia. It will take some time to realise the benefits for those exporters who have hedged forward, however it is sure to instil more confidence and interest across a range of export sectors, for mining, agribusiness, and manufacturing, and for services like inbound students and tourism for example.

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Full Support As Australian Business Set to Benefit from EMDG Review


The Export Council of Australia (ECA) fully supports the recommendations outlined today in the 2015 Review of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme. Tabled in Parliament by Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb AO MP, the review concluded that the EMDG grants helped exporters create, develop and expand their markets overseas, something that the ECA has been championing on behalf of exporters for a number of years. There is a strong rationale and support for the EMDG scheme, which helps explain its existence for over 40-years despite significant changes to the political and economic landscape over that period.


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Call for Trade Policy Recommendations to improve Australian export and import


Australian companies are positioned well to succeed in international markets due to the low Australian dollar and the multiple liberalising agreements reached with key trade partners although more can be done to ensure businesses are equipped to take advantage of new market opportunities says the Export Council of Australia (ECA). The ECA is today releasing its third annual Trade Policy Recommendations, which build on its 2013 and 2014 recommendations, as well as address issues critical to the G20 - particularly the B20 Trade Taskforce - and the Government’s recent inquiries into services exports and businesses’ utilisation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).


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Hightech tariff elimination aligns with innovation statement


Eliminating tariffs on high-tech goods imported into Australia will encourage greater trade services in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector and therefore lead to higher employment levels, higher incomes, and higher standards of living says the Export Council of Australia. Chief Executive Officer Lisa McAuley says the agreement reached by the World Trade Organization (WTO) overnight in Nairobi is an absolutely fantastic step in the right direction and also aligns Australia’s recent “ideas boom” agenda to global trade opportunities.


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