ASEAN Connected

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), with a collective GDP of USD 2.5 trillion, a population exceeding 600 million, and a strategic location at the crossroads of Australia, China and India, is a AUD 100 billion trading market for Australia.

Increasing regional connectivity is gradually lowering what barriers remain to trade and investment in the region, and allows Australia to build on the already strong commercial foundation we have in place with ASEAN.

This report discusses the opportunities that Australian companies can leverage today, keeping our focus practical while also highlighting emerging trends which are building the more connected ASEAN of tomorrow.

This report is intended to inform and inspire, though we also recognise the need to provide practical guides to opportunity. As part of our wider ASEAN Connected project, the ECA and HSBC Australia will also be launching a series of ASEAN toolkits which focus on practical information for accessing ASEAN opportunity.

We hope this report and wider project become useful resources and stepping stones on the path toward greater Australian engagement with ASEAN, today and tomorrow.

This report is made possible by the partnership with HSBC Australia.

ASEAN Connected
Why ASEAN and why now?
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