Global Market Insights Seminars

A Six Part Series

Get the essential briefing from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Austrade and Export Council of Australia.

Know what’s shaping the global trading landscape and where the opportunities are.

To assist exporters navigate the year ahead and identify export hot-spots, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Austrade and the Export Council of Australia have partnered to present Global Market Insights.

This series of seminars will provide up-to-date assessment of international markets – identifying the risks and prospects. It will look at the economic and political conditions, growing sectors of demand, and alternative market opportunities across the globe.

Each briefing session will bring together experts to provide clarity on the current trading landscape and foresights for that international market. Discussions will cover topics from recent trade agreements to new Government initiatives, including economic strategies and trade priorities.

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Please note: these sessions will not be recorded so we encourage you to attend at the time of the event

Part One // Thursday 21 January 2021
2:30pm - 3:30pm AEDT Global Trade, China and the US
View panellists' bios here.

Part Two // Thursday 25 February 2021 
3pm - 4pm AEDT 
India and Indonesia  
View panellists' bios here.

Part Three // Thursday 25 March 2021
3pm - 4pm AEDT South East Asia
View panellists' bios here.

Part Four // Thursday 29 April 2021
3pm - 4pm AEST Middle East and Africa
View panellists' bios here.

Part Five // Thursday 27 May 2021
3pm - 4pm AEST EU and UK
View panellists' bios here.

Part Six // Thursday 24 June 2021
3pm - 4pm AEST Japan and Republic of Korea
View panellists' bios here.

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