AIBS 2015

AIBS 2015 was the second edition of the Survey. In addition to AIBS’ core questions, the 2015 edition of the Survey put an emphasis on international market development activities.

Highlights of the 2015 edition include:

  • Over 1,200 Australian businesses were surveyed, drawn from 19 industry sectors, 93 sub-sectors, and operating in 114 international markets;
  • China (17%), the United States (16%) and New Zealand (8%) were the most important markets for respondents, by international revenue;
  • The biggest barriers to doing businesses internationally were culture and/or local business practices (29%), payment issues (10%) and regulations that favour local firms (9%);
  • Over three-quarters of respondents placed significant emphasis on personally visiting overseas customers in order to develop and grow their international markets. 

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Ed Serrano
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