AIBS 2017

AIBS 2017 was the fourth edition of the Survey. In addition to AIBS’ core questions, the 2017 edition of the Survey featured a special focus on the use of Australia’s free trade agreements and related issues.

Highlights of the 2017 edition include:

  • Around 1,000 Australian businesses were surveyed, 93% of which were involved in exporting, 48% in importing, 23% in other international activities, and 19% in two-way investment;
  • China (23%), the United States (22%) and New Zealand (12%) were the most important markets for respondents, by international revenue;
  • Businesses were ambitious in their expansion plans, with three-quarters of survey respondents planning to expand to new markets in the next two years, of which 37% are aiming for 1-3 new markets, 30% for 4-10 new markets, and 6% for 11 or more new markets. 

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