Heroes in History: Previous Australian Export Heroes

2012/2013 Australian Export Heroes
Noel Carty Starena Group NSW
Michael Crouch AO Zip Industries NSW
Robert Dal Sasso Ecotech VIC
Amanda Hicks Auto-Bake NSW
Souhel Khanania Industrial Engineering Technology NSW
David Lock Craig Mostyn Group WA
Noel Robinson Noel Robinson Architects QLD
2011/2012 Australian Export Heroes
David Chester Horse Auctioneer QLD
Barry Thomas Pharmaceuticals QLD
Richard Rains Agribusiness NSW
Janine Allis Juice Franchisee VIC
Frank Seeley AM Manufacturing SA
Howard Croker Sports Manufacturing NSW
Eduard Planken OAM Apicultural WA
2010/2011 Australian Export Heroes
Jack Hines OAM Agribusiness VIC
John Russell Mining QLD
Rob Douglas Manufacturing NSW
Robert Muir Marine TAS
Stephen Birkbeck Entrepreneur WA
The Wiggles Entertainment NSW
2009/2011 Australian Export Heroes
Alan Oppenheim VIC
Max Schroder Education NSW
William Hutchinson Electronic Services NSW
David Gaul ICT ACT
Vivienne Lipke Manufacturing QLD
Paul Henry
Global Design QLD
2008/2009 Australian Export Heroes
Arthur Owen Dixon AM Energy WA
Georgina Rhinehart Mining WA
Josef Chromy Agribusiness TAS
Peter Beattie, MP Premier QLD, Trade Services QLD
Nabi Saleh Coffee Franchisee NSW
John Grill Mining Services NSW
2007/2008 Australian Export Heroes
Stuart Ballantyne Marine Shipbuilding QLD
Roger Bell Education & Training VIC
Robert Black Meat and Livestock SA
John Conomos AO Vehicle Manufacturing VIC
Rod Fitzroy Horse Racing VIC
Helena Harris Arts and Entertainment NSW
Allan Moss AO Financial Services NSW
Kerry Sanderson AO Maritime Logistics WA
Kenneth Soloman Education and Training SA
2006/2007 Australian Export Heroes
Sir Charles Court, AK, KCMG Kt, OBE Premier WA WA
Donald Mackay-Coghill Perth Mint WA
Malcolm May Agribusiness SA
Paul McCloskey Technology & Events NSW
Mary Nenke Seafood WA
Neil O'Sullivan Manufacturing QLD
Timothy Reid Agribusiness TAS
Boris Schlensky Manufacturing NSW
Sam Walsh Mining WA
2005/2006 Australian Export Heroes
John Bilmon Architecture NSW
Frank O’Halloran Financial Services NSW
Maureen & Tony Wheeler Publishing VIC
John Conomos AO Vehicle Manufacturing VIC
Brand Hoff Information Technology ACT
Ken Talbot Mining QLD
Hon Tom Burns Government Assistance QLD
Wes Moxley Marine QLD
Wolf Blass AM Wine SA
2004/2005 Australian Export Heroes
Hon Doug Anthony AC CH
Government Assistance NSW
Andrew Burnes Inbound Tourism VIC
Professor Philip Cox AO Architecture NSW
John Fargher Horse Racing Track Equipment
John Gay Forestry
David Merson Information Technology VIC
Alistair Murray Marine VIC
John O'Neill Minerals WA
Christopher Renwick Mining WA
Alf & Nadia Taylor Food Packaging Equipment NSW
Geoffrey Thompson Fruit & Vegetable Exports VIC
Donald Seaton Tallow VIC
2002/2003 Australian Export Heroes
Leonard H Ainsworth
Entertainment NSW
John Button Government Assistance
Dr Patricia Crook AO Medical Devices SA
The Late Henry Cumines Export Entrepreneur NSW
Dr Peter C Farrell Medical Devices NSW
Robert G Gerard AO Electrical Accessories SA
Ivan D James Automotive Components VIC
Wal King AO Building & Construction NSW
Jennie Lang Education NSW
Nicholas Paspaley AC Pearls NT
John Rothwell Marine Ship Building WA
Jonathan M Shiff Screen Production VIC
2001/2002 Australian Export Heroes
Arthur Bishop AO
Automotive Engineering NSW
Harold Clough AO OBE Global Engineering & Construction WA
Patrick Corrigan AM Air Freight NSW
Peter Draney Computer Software
Hon Tim Fischer MP Government Assistance
David King Interactive Education Programs NSW
Michelle Nugan Fruit, Juice and Concentrates NSW
Sandy Wood-Meredith Seafood QLD
1998/1999 Australian Export Heroes
John Antico AM
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Marketer NSW
Neville Blyton Export Pioneer
Alan Broome AM Mining Services NSW
Robert Clifford AO High Speed Passenger Ferries TAS
Ken Done AM Art & Design Exports NSW
Barbara McGeoch Horticulture Marketing QLD
Fay McGuigan Australian Wine Exports NSW
James Strong Aviation & Tourism NSW
1998/1999 Australian Export Heroes
Charles AllenAO
Research & Development VIC
Gale Edward
Performing Art Exports
James Kennedy Rice Marketing NSW
Rod McGeoch AM Inbound Tourism NSW
Late Sir Russel Madigan Iron & Diamond Marketing WA
Patrick Rowley Australian Dairy Products VIC
Peter Thomas
Manufacturing VIC

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