Awards Categories - QLD

In 2019, applications for Queensland Export Awards will be accepted in 13 national and 3 QLD only categories.

The QLD Exporter of the Year will be chosen from the 13 national category award winners.

National award categories and criteria
Agribusiness, Food and Beverages For outstanding international success in the field of agricultural products, services or technology, including processed foods and beverages, and the forestry, fisheries and fibres industries.
Creative Industries For outstanding international success across all creative industries, including music and performing arts, film, television and radio, software and interactive content such as VR and AR, writing, publishing and print media, architecture and design, and visual arts. This includes fashion design.
E-Commerce For outstanding success by an Australian business in selling goods or services to customers overseas via an electronic network. Includes cross-border e-commerce and online sales.
Emerging Exporter For outstanding export achievement by an enterprise in any industry sector which has been exporting goods or services for three years or less.
International Education and Training For outstanding innovation and international success in the field of education and training services, expertise and curriculum, including vocational training.
International Health
For outstanding international success in the medical, healthcare and biotechnology fields for products, technology, equipment or services. This includes e-health, digital health, medtech and aged care services.
Manufacturing and Advanced Materials For outstanding international success by a manufacturer and/or advanced materials development. This includes production of consumer products.
Minerals, Energy and Related Services For outstanding international success in the production or primary processing of extractive and value-added minerals or energy products, and in providing mining equipment, technology and services (METS) to the minerals and energy industries.
Professional Services For outstanding international success in the professional business services, including legal, accounting, administration and support services, business management, marketing services, franchising and licensing, engineering, financial and insurance, market research and translation services.
Regional Exporter For outstanding international success by a business whose head office is based in a non-metropolitan location.
Small Business For outstanding international success by any business with total annual sales not exceeding $5 million.
Sustainability For outstanding international success in environmental solutions, clean energy innovation, materials and energy efficiency, waste and water management, green buildings and R&D collaboration.
Technology and Innovation For outstanding international success in the field of information and communication products, technology or services that are concerned with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission or receipt of digital data, including software and games. This includes fintech, cybersecurity and regtech sectors.

QLD State categories and criteria
Dermot McManus Award for Innovation
This award recognises exporters that have demonstrated innovative solutions in their business field. Innovation can be evident through strategy, production, and/or processes. It is given in honour of the late Mr Dermot McManus, Agent-General and Commissioner, Trade and Investment Queensland Europe office, 1995-2000.
Tom Burns Award for Women in International Business This award recognises outstanding export achievement by an enterprise, led by a woman in any industry sector. The award particularly focuses on achievement in international markets, as well as an ongoing commitment to international trade relations. It is given in memory of the late Honourable Tom Burns AO, who made an outstanding contribution to public life in Queensland and was instrumental in developing Queensland’s relationships with China and Vietnam.
Richard Joel Award for Defence Industry For outstanding export achievement in designing, manufacturing and adapting world class products/services to meet military requirements globally. This category is open for all Qld companies exporting in all industry sectors that can demonstrate that they are supplying into defence markets overseas. It is given in honour of the late Mr Richard Joel AM, formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane City Office of Economic Development and a 2000 Centennial Medal recipient for services in promoting economic development in Brisbane.

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