Australia's IP Report 2017

Australia's IP Report 2017

This report explores intellectual property (IP) trends in Australia.

The Australian IP Report 2017 is the fifth iteration of an annual report that aims to improve the understanding of the importance and relevance of IP in today’s global economy.

In 2016 applications for patents dropped by 1%, although applications from Australian residents rose by 15%. Trade marks, which experienced record growth in 2015, fell by 3% driven by a non-resident fall in demand. There was growth in applications for both Design Rights (3%) and Plant Breeder’s Rights (8%) in 2016, both of which were driven by growth in non-resident applications

IP Australia is responsible for identifying key trends and changes in the international and domestic innovation landscape, and providing advice to the Australian Government on the development of IP policy.

IP Australia administers the legislation in relation to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights, contributes to international negotiations and cooperation to support the global IP system, and promotes awareness of IP. Copyright is administered separately by the Department of Communications and the Arts, and is therefore not discussed in this report.

The data, graphs and statistics used in this report can be found online at:

As we strengthen our focus on innovation, we have the opportunity to successfully commercialise our great ideas in science and technology, and to build a stronger foundation for our future

The positive growth in resident filings (in spite of overall filings decrease) supports the government’s commitment to innovation and IP Australia’s vision of delivering a world-leading IP system.

As global markets continue to expand, the role of IP rights is becoming increasingly important.

With greater global demand for intangible assets, the need for inventors to seek protection in multiple countries has increased

The latest release of the IP Government Open Data set is now available on

As part of the work to better enable evidence-based policy, we also released, concurrently with this report, the latest version of the IP Government Open Data (IPGOD). Excitingly, a new live version of IPGOD (called IPGOLD) is now available through and provides weekly updates of our data.


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