Growing your international business 101 toolkit

Growing your international business 101 toolkit

The decision to extend sales overseas is a logical and natural progression for many businesses and I’m pleased to tell you that some of the case studies included in this booklet highlight not only the benefits of growing an international business, but also some of the tricks of the trade these companies learned when they started on their overseas journey.

The motivation to grow your business internationally can be triggered by an unsolicited request from an overseas company for a particular product/service, or the motivation could be the result of a considered decision by the company to develop additional sales growth opportunities and profits through entering an international market.

Whilst this might seem like rather a formidable list, I can reassure you that by downloading this publication and attending the ECA's speed networking events you have taken the first step in understanding what is required for you and your business to embark on the exciting journey of going global!

There is plenty of assistance out there to help you navigate your way through the process and at the back of this publication there is a list of different support options available to your business.

The ECA also recommends that companies also consider attending the ECA's Global Ready workshops.  

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