International Business Today: Summer 2015

International Business Today: Summer 2015

While China is an incredibly important trading partner for Australia, it’s also essential as a nation for us to explore as many opportunities in other markets as we can. This is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to focus on Africa in one of our main features this issue.

When we think about trade opportunities in this vast continent, a good place to start is to consider that it is, in development terms, at about the same place southeast Asia was 20 years ago. Which means there are plenty of opportunities for Australian businesses, as long as exporters approach any potential commercial opportunities in a considered fashion.

As you can read about, many of the risks commonly associated with Africa, for instance immature governance structures, are actually easily managed. This means there’s real potential for Australian exporters in Africa across many sectors including mining and resources, education, hospitality and retail.


Alexandra Cain, Editor


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