Export Voice: Spring 2013

Export Voice: Spring 2013

The Australian export sector is at a crossroads. Mining is moving from fuelling construction to the sale of minerals, and the dollar and interest rates are softening. We have not floated away from our very strategic geographic location in Asia, we still have innovative businesses and people with the passion and drive to make export work and we remain an attractive investment option. So what’s holding us back?

The question is whether the Federal government and the community really grasp the importance of trade to our nation. Unfortunately, it’s not sexy and it doesn’t win votes.

Australia is one of the few nations where trade and investment is not seen as a key driver of domestic economic policy, despite both playing key roles in our nation right from the start. In the US, Germany, France, China, the UK and New Zealand and many more countries trade has always been seen as a driver of economic policy.

Since the recent financial crisis it has been the cornerstone of economic recovery in many of these countries. 


Alexandra Cain, Editor 



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