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ECA Edge is a new initiative by the Export Council of Australia (ECA). It will boost the ECA’s contribution to international trade discourse and policy-making in Australia and overseas, with a view to advancing Australian exporters’ interests more effectively.

ECA Edge will be taking a more strategic approach to existing ECA efforts, including by enhancing engagement with innovative and niche exporters, extending its capacity-building activities to new areas, and providing ECA members with a premium vehicle for collaboration and representation.

ECA Edge will:
  • Strengthen ECA’s thought leadership in select trade policy issues;
  • Enhance collaboration through ‘smart’ and strategic partnerships;
  • Seek new funding sources, including for international development projects;
  • Collect and generate proprietary data to fill knowledge gaps; and
  • Engage in relevant international forums to advance key agenda items.

Looking Beyond COVID-19

As Australian exporters seek to rise above the challenges of Covid-19, the Export Council of Australia is standing by them and assisting where we can.

The ECA is enabling the flow of up-to-date information (including from relevant authorities), bridging access to much needed finance and transportation, building capacity, and connecting peers to find innovative approaches and solutions.

ECA efforts include:

1. Providing updated information – ECA has sought to alert exporters on changing border arrangements and other rules in both Australia and overseas.

2. Raising awareness of financial assistance – Government financial support is very welcome, but many businesses are not necessarily aware of their availability nor understand how to access them. Private sector banks may also have initiatives worth noting.

3. Finding transport and logistics solutions – Working cooperatively with public and private sector partners, we are exploring ways to overcome the current limited availability of services in the movement of goods.

4. Facilitating sharing of experiences – It is important that individual exporters know they are not alone in these challenging times. In (digital) forum discussions, exporters discover various approaches to endurance.

5. Identifying opportunities – With any crisis comes opportunity. We therefore seek to communicate developments in foreign markets, with the hope that Australian businesses see commercial prospects.

6. On-going capacity building – Even in a hiatus, it is important for exporters to build on their knowledge and skills, including by understanding and adopting new technological tools and marketing techniques.

7. Engaging authorities on behalf of members – We continue to engage with relevant government agencies to find comprehensive and longer term solutions to export challenges.

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