ECA Edge 

ECA Edge is a new initiative by the Export Council Australia. It will boost the ECA’s contribution to international trade discourse and policy-making in Australia and overseas, with a view to advancing Australian exporters’ interests more effectively.

ECA Edge will be taking a more strategic approach to existing ECA efforts, including by extending its capacity-building activities to new areas, and providing ECA members with a premium vehicle for greater engagement and representation.

ECA Edge will:
  • Strengthen ECA’s thought leadership in select trade policy issues;
  • Enhance collaboration through ‘smart’ and strategic partnerships;
  • Seek new funding sources, including for international development projects;
  • Collect and generate proprietary data to fill knowledge gaps; and
  • Engage in relevant international forums to advance key agenda items.

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Eric Meppem,
Co-Founder & Commercial Director,
Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty Ltd
Member of the ECA

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