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The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2013

Liam Dilley - Tuesday, June 09, 2015
The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2013 was introduced into Parliament today. The key elements of this Bill include:

Crown use of patents
Provisions for the Crown use of patents have been clarified. This should increase certainty and accountability.

The TRIPS Protocol
Implementation of the TRIPS protocol should assist developing countries facing serious health problems. 

Plant breeder's rights
The Federal Circuit Court will have jurisdiction to include plant breeder's rights.

Trans-Tasman Single Economic Market
Provisions allowing for a single patent attorney regime and single patent application and examination process.

Technical amendments
Minor corrections to the Patents Act 1990, to ensure that the Raising the Bar Act operates as intended.

Visit IP Australia's website for more information about the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2013.


2013 DHL Export Barometer Results Released

Liam Dilley - Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Earlier this week DHL released the results of their annual Export Barometer study, which is used to determine export confidence in the Australian market.

The 2013 results show Australian exporters are coping with the high dollar but feel the heat of international competition. 

The 2013 DHL Export Barometer also reveals the continuing hurdles of a strong Aussie dollar and a plunging business outlook from the mining sector have impacted exporters’ profitability outlook but not their confidence.

To view the full Media release, please click here.  

To view summary of the report, please click here.

To view the full report, please click here.


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