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Exporting goods and services to countries around the world is a complex game. We know, because here at Coface, Export Council of Australia and FTI Consulting, we're constantly seeing our clients and members run into roadblocks that prevent their businesses from operating as efficiently and profitably as they should. Luckily, many of these obstacles don't need to cause as much of an issue as they currently do.

Instead, taking a few simple actions, doing more research and being aware of the dangers can have a huge impact on the smooth running of an organisation's export operations.
Businesses who take these steps make everyone's lives easier, but those who don't will undoubtedly run into trouble sooner or later. To ensure your business falls into the first category, join Coface, ECA and FTI Consulting on May 17th at 12PM, to share the ten things we all hate about our customers (cause let’s be honest they’re not always a walk in the park!) More importantly, we'll also be making sure you know how to avoid them. See you there!


Alina Bain, CEO ECA

Alina has extensive experience capacity building for SMEs looking to expand to international markets. She has lead trade missions for SMEs in key Asian markets and has delivered digital capacity building programs for professional services firms.


Chris Little, Commercial Director Coface

Strong risk management to promote sustainable business growth - Specialising in trade credit insurance, Chris has over 10 years of experience in risk assessment and analysis, creating growth strategies for Australian businesses by matching the appropriate risk exposure to business needs and requirements.

Murray Lawson, Managing Director FTI Consulting

Murray specialises in leading cross-border fraud, corruption and business intelligence investigations. He has worked extensively with major corporate and investment industry clients on assessing and managing issues related to reputational risk, fraud, corruption, human rights and shareholder activism.



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