2019 Women Trading Globally participant exporting Indian designs to the global baby wearing world

08.09.2020 Angela Wright

Motherhood is the reason Anamika Sengupta created Almitra Tattva, a company utilising sustainable hand woven fabrics sourced from regions of India to create quality baby wearing products, gaining an international following for her designs and values.

Inspired by the community connections across 54 countries, Anamika continues to innovate at Almitra Tattva with new offerings. As her son grew and with his future in mind, she has also launched Almitra Sustainables that makes eco-friendly products.

Read on to hear more about Anamika’s story.

Anamika Sengupta, Founder, Almitra Tattva 

What led to you to establishing your company, and what drove you to commence international expansion? 

Motherhood :) While I gave birth to my baby, I wanted the baby close to me and at the same time be hands free , to feel normal and not very overwhelmed by the changes. I understand the need of “attachment parenting” and that’s what led me to make baby slings/ wraps which is so deep rooted in Indian culture but now a rare sight. International expansion was never a plan, what started as a support group to new parents took over Internationally by its own through a single Facebook page a bit less than 5 years back. Our first sales were in Denmark and then there was no looking back, our aim now also was to provide Indian art a Global platform in the Baby wearing world. Baby wearing is the term used for wrapping babies close to you with fabric which is just like an extension of your womb feeling.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The community connect. It’s like you started and soon people joined, grew together, shared the love and now it’s one big family across 54 countries that we have our presence.

What other new initiatives have you been working on or planning to launch? 

As my son Neo grew so did my company. Starting from baby wraps we were soon making Earth friendly products, right from a bamboo toothbrush to innovative coconut coir products, the intention being wellness of oneself and the eco system around us.

What steps have you taken to prepare for export (both before and after the Australia Awards Women Trading Globally program in 2019)?

I have been working closely with the Mother’s groups and communities who are growing with our company. We have around 12 Mother representatives in only Europe region and are adding more, these Mothers then become retailers or Distributors. After the Training Program I would be now visiting myself to the various events we do, initially it was taken care by our mom representatives.
What did you learn from participating in the Women Trading Globally program?

As my business is primarily B2C I got great insight in the program about B2B models. I am also having some talks about collaboration which look positive in future.

The program gives an opportunity from there and also provides a vast platform of case studies of real life people, which is extremely inspiring. It has definitely shown me a bigger picture.

How have you been impacted by COVID-19 and how have you responded? 

COVID-19 situation has definitely affected each human in this world, but it was also a wake up call for humanity and to mend things gone wrong. The situation in fact drew me back to my basics and soon I was more tuned to what is expected. India was deeply affected by the large amount of artisans and daily wage workers losing jobs and even lives. While helping a small girl whose family was without food for almost 5 days I refused to slow down at work with number of families depended, no one should go without salary was the motto.

I am happy to say that we did business in 19 countries during lock down, which was also a personal test for me as my business is online and depends upon courier service. My customers even waited with full payment during lock down as a response to the message we sent through our web site, that we wanted to feel the world as usual and also the key to it was business and work as usual. We have been overwhelmed and support by all the customers that we had across the world to make this happen. Our business in fact did more than expected which showed hope and also faith.

How did the program impact you?

The Women Trading Globally Program was instrumental in opening my avenues and learn the small details of trade technicalities which I otherwise would overlook, which surely could have been an impediment especially for a business like mine which is growing. I wouldn’t have myself ever thought from where to get this knowledge as there were a few things which I did not even knew about. So I would say that the program equipped me with proper safety gears to take the higher plunge.


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