Australia Awards: Women Trading Globally

08.08.2017 Collins Rex

The ECA – in partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Aid for Trade and Australia Awards programs – has formulated a training program specifically for women in the Pacific region. This course is titled: “Australia Awards: Women Trading Globally”.


  • You are a woman residing in one of these countries:
o  Fiji
o  Vanuatu
o  Solomon Islands
o  Samoa
o  Tonga
o  Papua New Guinea
o  Kiribati
o  Nauru
o  Federated States of Micronesia
o  Marshall Islands
o  Cook Islands
o  Niue
o  Tuvalu
o  Tokelau
o  Palau
  • You own and operate a successful business or you play a leading role within your business
  • You have a strong command of English – spoken and written
  • Your business has export capabilities
  • You are able to travel to Australia from 12 to 24 November
  • You are keen to expand your international business capability
The program consists of one week of training in Brisbane, Australia, and one week of training in Sydney, Australia.

The program includes:

  • Comprehensive international business capability training
  • Practical, hands-on exercises
  • Site visits
  • Networking opportunities
All costs* associated with this program, including international airfares, land arrangements in Australia, accommodation in Australia, workshops and workshop materials, organised social functions, and meals will be funded by the Australian Government for successful applicants.
* Excludes items of a personal nature.

If this program will enable you to grow your business and expand internationally, please complete the APPLICATION FORM and return it to by close of business on Friday 25 August 2017. You will be notified of the success of your application by close of business on Friday 08 September 2017.

Draft program schedule:


DAY 1:

Introduction to Growing a Global Business
  • Benefits of Going Global: including exporter case studies from female CEOs
  • International Business Plan
  • Going global for the right reasons and commitment to export success
  • SWOT analysis
  • Product/service ready checklist and review of international business template for international success
  • Briefing on how to develop an export plan pitch
Facilitate the undertaking of the following exercises:
  • Review of business case studies
  • Prepare an introductory checklist for a case study business
  • Undertake a group SWOT analysis for a case study business
  • Prepare a Product/ Service Readiness checklist for a case study business 

DAY 2:

How to Select the Right Market
  • How to select the right market & research
  • Your target market
  • The four Ps
  • Your USP
  • Market analysis
  • Market options and promotion
Facilitate the undertaking of the following exercises:
  • Undertake a review of a target market for a case study business
  • Undertake a competitor analysis for a case study business
  • Complete an international pricing template for a case study business
  • Complete a market metrics template for a case study business
  • Complete a market entry template for a case study business 

DAY 3:

Export Marketing and Preparing to Visit the Market
  • Marketing planning including marketing promotion
  • Cultural considerations
  • Ensuring the company website supports the export strategy
  • Packaging, labelling, translations, and IP protection considerations
  • Preparing for market visits
  • Understanding the market culture
  • Trade Missions and Trade Shows
Facilitate the undertaking of the following exercises:
  • Complete a buyer’s decision process for a business case study
  • Complete a media strategy for a business case study
  • Undertake an exercise to review global trade fairs for a business case study
  • Attendees will be given time during the session to design a plan and ask questions around taking the completed exercises from Day 1-3 and how this now expands into an export plan.

DAY 4:

Export Documentation (Overview only)
  • General awareness of transport documents requirements
  • Documents required by importing country authorities
  • Documents that could be required by local authorities
  • Special documentation
  • Letters of Credit: what are they and how to use them
Freight and Logistics
  • Incoterms 2010 & international pricing strategy
  • Trade Terminology explained
  • Common freight costs
  • Choosing the right freight forwarder
  • Marine insurance for air and sea cargo
Facilitate the undertaking of the following exercises:
  • Group excercise to complete an example set of documentary requirements
Networking cocktail function that will provide delegates with an opportunity to network with representatives from industry & government in QLD, and CEOs of local Brisbane companies.

Financing for Export Success
  • Methods of payment
  • Understanding how a documentary letter of credit can mitigate risk
  • Alternate methods of payment protection and other risk management strategies
  • Managing foreign exchange risk
  • How credit insurance can protect your receivables
  • Finance options for global growth
Pitching Skills
  • Handy hints for delivering an elevator pitch
  • Presentation skills
  • Presentation practice


DAY 1:


DAY 2:

A day’s education program on indigenous related advocacy issues will be led by the Diplomacy Training Program at the University of New South Wales.

DAY 3:

The ECA will coordinate for two local site visit with NSW based exporters. The ECA will advise on the suggested case studies upon acceptance of this proposal.

DAY 4:

Participants will have a chance for one on one consultations with our experts to review the material presented to date and a chance for a facilitated review of their export plans.
In the afternoon, all participants will be invited to pitch their organisation’s export plan & be critiqued in a fun, interactive and comfortable environment.

Cocktail networking reception with local business, state and federal government agencies and business chambers. A formal presentation of the winners from the export pitching exercise will be announced.

DAY 5:

Sydney is home to nearly 26 plus innovation hubs, from Fishburners for the tech sector to Stone and Chalk for the Fintech sector. On the final day, participants will be invited to meet and tour the stand out innovation hubs in Sydney and have the opportunity to hear from a Venture Capitalist.


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