Australia Awards Women Trading Globally participant innovating during Cambodia’s tourism lull

27.10.2020 Angela Wright

Viriya Lim’s family business LM Lima Angkor Food produces some of the most popular traditional Khmer biscuits in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. For several years the biscuits have been sold in supermarkets across Cambodia, enabling many foreign tourists and investors to take home LM products as souvenirs.

Viriya found that recipients of the souvenirs enjoyed the product quality and asked for more, leading to demand in overseas markets. The company is in the process of obtaining necessary export licences so it is not exporting directly, but it has sold through international traders who import LM products, namely in China.

After participating in the Women Trading Globally program, Viriya reviewed the company’s approach to business and made significant changes. These included product innovation in terms of packaging, quality, and service, in order to align with customers in the new digital era that travelled to Cambodia (pre-Covid). The company has also added e-commerce platforms into their business model, and has partnered with other online stores and e-markets to sell their products.

Before Covid-19, LM Lima Angkor Food’s target market was mainly international visitors. During the pandemic, Viriya has had to implement a new strategy to target the domestic market in order to create job opportunities – including adjusting the flavour of products to align with local tastes, and employing new marketing strategies, such as online and e-commerce. The company has also recently launched hand-made macarons which have proven to be popular, especially for children.

LM Lima Angkor Food is currently a producer and distributor of its products, and plans to establish a retail presence domestically to maximise success when stepping into the international market. Viriya aims to build her own retail store in Phnom Penh City, a location with more business opportunities than other parts of Cambodia.

Through the program in 2019, Viriya connected with other Cambodian participants, and the three women have worked together on training, sharing knowledge, and have found ways to help communities.


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