Australia-EU FTA talks kick off

28.06.2018 Heath Baker

For a long time, the EU was the biggest market with which Australia didn’t have—or wasn’t negotiating—a FTA. That changed last week with Australia formally starting FTA negotiations with the EU.

With two-way trade worth over $100 billion, and two-way investment over $1.7 trillion, it’s critical to ensure doing business is as easy as possible between Australia and the EU.

Key issues that will be covered in FTA negotiations include:

  • market access for goods and services
  • cutting trade costs and red tape
  • aligning standards and recognising qualifications
  • allowing intra-corporate transfers
  • aligning rules for the movement of data
  • making foreign investment easier.
The ECA will be working closely with DFAT to ensure the FTA delivers strong outcomes for its members. ECA members with interests in EU FTA negotiations should contact the ECA’s head of policy, Heath Baker. (Given the uncertainty around Brexit, it’s important to remember that significant aspects of trade with the UK could fall under an FTA with the EU.)

Non-members should keep an eye on DFAT’s website for upcoming consultation sessions.


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