Australians strongly support free trade

21.06.2017 Brendan Pearson

The Minerals Council of Australia welcomes findings from the latest Lowy Institute Poll which show that Australians are strong supporters of free trade and engagement with the global economy.

The poll found that 78 per cent of Australians believe globalisation, especially the increasing connections of Australia’s economy with other economies around the world, is good for Australia.

This continues a trend of rising support for globalisation amongst Australians over the last decade.

The latest poll also found strong support for free trade.

More than two-thirds of those responding to the Lowy Poll said free trade was good for their own living standards and for the Australian economy.

And 55 per cent of those responding said free trade was good for creating Australian jobs.

It is heartening to see this latest evidence that Australians overwhelmingly support free trade and international economic engagement.

The poll results show that Australians have not bought into the misleading scare campaigns and efforts to foment protectionist sentiment by anti-trade groups.

They also show that the public has a strong appreciation of the benefits of trade for living standards, jobs, businesses and the national economy.

This reflects the fact that Australia has long been a major trading nation with trade accounting for 40 per cent of our economy, 2.7 million jobs relying on trade, and tariff cuts putting an extra $3,900 a year into the pockets of the average Australian household.

The latest evidence of strong public support for trade highlights the need for Australia to continue negotiating trade deals to boost access to export markets and give Australian consumers lower prices and more choice.


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