Australia's top exporter

19.02.2018 The Hon Steven Ciobo MP

Western Australia continues to be Australia's major exporter, accounting for 35.1 per cent of Australia's total exports in 2016-17. Queensland comes in second, making up 22.4 per cent of the country's exports with New South Wales in third at 22.3 per cent.

Importantly, export values are growing in all states and territories, which is helping to create new jobs and drive economic growth across the country.

The results are revealed in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Australia’s Trade by State and Territory 2016-17.

The report, released today, shows resources remained the major export for most of Australia’s States and Territories. Iron ore and concentrates ($62 billion) was the major export for Western Australia while coal was the major export for both Queensland ($29 billion) and New South Wales ($15 billion). The main export for Victoria was education-related travel services ($9 billion), for South Australia was alcoholic beverages ($1.5 billion) and for Tasmania was zinc ($639 million).

China remained the largest trading partner for all the States and took over top position for the Northern Territory in 2016-17. Switzerland was the Australian Capital Territory’s largest trading partner.

In 2016-17 the value of exports for all states and territories grew, helping fuel Australia's job boom. Queensland saw a 30.4 per cent increase in exports in 2016-17, followed by Western Australia at 18.5 per cent and New South Wales at 13.1 per cent. Prices received for exports also increased for most states with Queensland seeing the largest increase (up 22.1 per cent).

Total exports of goods and services reached a record $373 billion in 2016-17.

The Turnbull Government is pursuing an ambitious trade agenda and new trade agreements to keep Australia's exports growing to create more jobs.

The report is available on the DFAT website.


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