De Bortoli Wines: We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

11.08.2020 Export Council of Australia

The ECA member De Bortoli Wines, winemakers with 90-year long history, have faced many challenges due to COVID-19. They were expecting a 50 percent increase in some export markets leading into 2020, but unfortunately that was not the case as lockdowns took effect in February. In certain export markets the budget shortfall for the last 5 months of the year is as high as 65 percent.

Here are some eye-opening learnings from this fortnight's Featured ECA member:

De Bortoli has faced many challenges due to COVID-19 thus far; the on premise industry was hit first as all restaurants, cafes, and bars were closed down. As well as hotel occupancies dropping to only 2%; vibrant tourism and travel industries came to a halt as all borders started to restrict entry from other countries. Sadly the export markets have not benefited from ‘panic buying or stockpiling’ behaviours as much as what has occurred in Australia.

Those customers who relied on major distribution contracts with airlines or hotel chains have also suffered immensely. Not only has there been a slowdown in sales but global logistics have also been impacted. Due to the shortage of container movement, orders have been delayed up to a month while a vessel transports the goods to the expected destination.

As a company, De Bortoli paid close attention to maintaining their close relationship with their customers and the Sales Managers were in constant contact with their partners to hear and provide support and empathy to their needs. De Bortoli as a whole also improved customer interactions online with zoom meetings, virtual tastings, short videos, messenger services and a bigger online presence overall. These learnings have been an eye opener for the company and will contribute to improvements in our marketing efforts moving forward.

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