Do you have experiences to share regarding trade and investment with the European Union? We’d like to hear from you.

05.11.2018 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Have your say through our consultations process and join the growing number of individuals, businesses and chambers that have provided detailed input so far.

An Australia – European Union (EU) Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has the potential to open up a market for Australian goods and services of half a billion people and a GDP of US$17.3 trillion.

As a bloc, the EU is Australia's second largest trading partner, third largest export destination, and second largest services market. The EU was Australia's largest source of foreign investment in 2017.

Australia is seeking an ambitious and comprehensive FTA with the EU to drive Australian exports, economic growth and job creation.

An FTA would provide Australian exporters with a competitive edge and give Australian businesses access to a larger export market in the EU.

Australian consumers and companies stand to benefit from a free trade deal with the EU through greater access to goods and services at lower prices.

An FTA with the EU will set the benchmark for what can be achieved between like-minded partners.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade welcomes submissions from interested individuals and groups on the potential opportunities and impacts of an Australia-EU FTA.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the commercial, economic, regional and other impacts that could be expected to arise from the FTA, and issues such as specific market access challenges in doing business with the EU or EU member states.

For more information on how to make a submission, see the Australia – EU FTA Submissions webpage at There is no deadline for making a submission.

More information on Australia’s objectives and a summary of the outcomes of the first negotiation round, held in Brussels on 2-6 July, appears on the Australia-EU FTA News webpage. The second round of negotiations are taking place in Canberra in November.
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