ECA launches superior International Business Coaching service at an affordable rate

31.05.2017 Lisa McAuley
ECA launches superior International Business Coaching service at an affordable rate

The ECA is proud to offer an International Business Coaching program: a bespoke offering for Australian businesses that need specialised, hands-on-assistance to achieve their international business goals.

“This new program builds on the ECA’s extensive experience in supporting the development of SME’s to build their capacity and capabilities in developing the required international business skills they need to succeed in the world of international trade. We have listened to the requirements of SME importers and exporters, and that includes affordable access to one-on-one support from international trade experts, and also from those that have been there have done it before and are willing to share their years of experience, both the good and the bad!” says ECA CEO, Lisa McAuley.
The program is a one-on-one business matching service that aligns the specific needs of an individual company with the services of a subject matter expert in international business. These experts may be industry professionals, academics, or indeed successful exporters eager to share their secrets of success.

Companies can select from a list of available international business coaching topics, including international business marketing, navigating free trade agreements, and developing an international sales pitch. They can also nominate subject matters of their choosing to tailor the experience to their individual business needs.

Companies are matched with an International Business Coach of the highest calibre, who will provide specialist advice at a very reasonable rate. ECA Business Members also qualify for a substantial discount.

“It is our goal at the ECA to provide the right ecosystem to help support the growth of Australian companies internationally, and we hope this international business coaching program will be just one part of the ecosystem that companies can access.” says ECA CEO Lisa McAuley.

Maximising the program’s flexibility, the program can be conducted-in person or through distance learning.

There are under 300 Australian businesses exporting more than $100 million of goods each year. This is less than 1% of all Australian businesses, yet they account for over 80% of Australia’s exports.

To put this in context, internationally the top 1% of exporters account for only 53% of goods exports.

We need to achieve greater balance and increase the number of Australian SME exporters. This is crucial to Australia’s future growth and prosperity, as well as ensuring quality jobs for future generations of Australians.

For over 60 years, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) has helped build the international capability and capacity of Australia’s SMEs, preparing them to take on the world.

The ECA has developed an extensive program of workshops and courses that equip businesses with the skills they need to manage and grow their international operations. The ECA’s offerings include a pathway into an Advanced Diploma of International Business Management, offered in partnership with Charles Sturt University’s Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES).

Over the years, the ECA has also worked with countless individual companies, state and federal government departments, and local councils to develop bespoke in-house training programs.

For further information on the ECA’s new International Business Coaching Program, visit ECA website. 

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