ECA Members in the Spotlight: Flavourtech

15.02.2018 Tim Michael

Like many Australian companies, the road to export success was long and often bumpy for technology manufacturer Flavourtech. But after many years of persistence and strong commitment, the company is now tasting the fruits of its labour.

Based in Griffith in the NSW Riverina, Flavourtech specialises in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Last year, the company’s groundbreaking technology was recognised with the 2017 Premier’s NSW Export Award in Manufacturing.

Off shore markets now play a vital role for Flavourtech’s future growth. More than 90% of equipment produced by Flavourtech is now sent overseas.

Flavourtech’s Sales & Marketing Director Leon Skaliotis admits the company could not have survived without exports.

Like many specialist manufacturers, the Australian market is just too small for its product portfolio, he says.

Flavourtech is now represented in locations throughout the world including the US, Latin America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

“Our technology is like nothing else on the market,” says Mr Skaliotis.

“Flavourtech designed and manufactured some very innovative technologies that have allowed many of its present customers to become market leaders not only in their own territory but also in some of their export markets.

“These novel and unique technologies are used for the capture and concentration of natural flavours and aromas of various products primarily in the food & beverage industry.”

Flavourtech clients have reported significant returns on investment through the recovery of superior flavours, extracts and concentrates, while maintaining the natural characteristics of the raw material.

“Our experience, innovation and strategic research and development partnerships allow Flavourtech to offer processors the ability to manufacture products to the high quality standards demanded by today’s consumer.”

In the early days, the road to success was slow due to various factors. Flavourtech was an unknown company to many of its potential overseas customers.

Flavourtech was manufacturing processing technology from Australia, a country not normally known for manufacturing such equipment. As the equipment was cutting edge technology its benefits were not understood well and it took some time for customers to see the potential the equipment
could offer them.

Added to this was the challenge that no one from Flavourtech had exported equipment previously. Many new ways of doing business had to be researched and customers overseas had to be selected to conduct presentations and meetings.

“Remember, all of this was before the ready availability of information through the internet that did not exist in the early days of Flavourtech,” says Mr Skaliotis.

“However, Flavourtech employees had faith in the technology. They persisted in getting the message out, conducting trials for customers as an avenue to demonstrate the equipment.

“They then used their first few customers as references to increase their profile within their designated industries.”

Flavourtech was launched in the 1980s after developing the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) which could remove sulphur from grape juice before fermentation.

It soon became apparent that the SCC was also great at capturing other types of volatile compounds, including aromas, without damaging the original product.

Before long it had discovered many other applications across the food & beverage industry – especially dairy and coffee.

Flavourtech has continued to grow by offering customised solutions, and by expanding its customer base through a focus on overseas markets.

Marketing strategy has played an important role for the company. It has allowed Flavourtech to focus on a few key industries worldwide that it has expertise in and become a dominant player with its technologies enjoying a “gold standard” reputation.

Flavourtech has now assisted organisations in more than 60 countries and has extensive experience in the tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages, flavours, dairy, fruit and pharmaceutical markets.

Mr Skaliotis says the company was proud to receive the recent NSW Export Award.

“We were up against some tough competition but were extremely pleased that our hard work has been recognised by winning this prestigious award.

“It is a real team effort that has led to our success.” The future for Flavourtech looks bright, with strong growth projections expected.

The company is now focussing on new markets including South America, Russia and the Middle East.

It is also planning further internal growth adding more technical staff and sales staff to its ranks. Mr Skaliotis encourages other SME’s with “a strong product and a strong value proposition” to venture outside of

“However, we would also strongly recommend that you do your research and explore industries and markets carefully in order to increase success.”

This article was published in International Business Today Magazine on pages 10 - 11 - Summer 2017 which you can read here.



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