Free Exporter Webinar: An Export Blueprint to Identify Opportunities and Risks Upfront

13.07.2017 60ZONE Business Cultures International & Global Trade Finance Group

Exporting or Looking to Expand in Foreign Markets? There’s a lot at stake when exporting or looking to export. A lack of understanding of market culture and the financial risks you must take can negatively impact on your domestic operation. What if you had a blueprint to identify opportunities and potential risks upfront, eliminate loss, improve engagement success and your profits?

Join us for a 1hr webinar where you’ll hear from two experts in the export trade from the finance and cross-cultural space. They will provide you with an outline of considerations based on case studies and explain what you can do to position your business to mitigate risk. A value-packed 60mins including Q&A. Get great insights, practical tips and learn some key strategies to ensure your export endeavour succeeds.

Event details

Date: Thursday, 27 July
Time: 10.30am AEST
Cost: FREE!

Your hosts

Patricia Butera | Director | 60ZONE Business Cultures International 

Patricia Butera is a cross-cultural business consultant and international business protocol specialist with over 12 years international experience. She assists professionals to identify and navigate the cultural nuances, business etiquette and protocol practices that exist in diverse business cultures.

Her expertise in cross-cultural communication has helped organisations underpin their export strategy with solid cultural intelligence that has served to better prepare them in their international dealings.

Patricia contributes regularly to Dynamic Export; an online magazine for exporters.

60ZONE Business Cultures International
Business Member
Export Council of Australia
+61 419482184

Lloyd Guy | Director | Global Trade Finance Group

Lloyd Guy has worked with importers and exporters for more than 30 years assisting with growth plans for companies.

Lloyd's experience has enabled him to travel with clients to overseas markets over many years to help negotiate contracts between buyers and sellers. Lloyd has had experience working out of New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia at several senior leadership roles.

Lloyd's passion is to assist companies of all sizes from the smallest SMEs to the large Corporates to advise on current arrangements and to grow the business in a sustainable robust way.

Global Trade Finance Group Pty Ltd
Business Member
Export Council of Australia
+61 424 605 050


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