Imminent changes to air cargo security arrangements

20.02.2019 Heath Baker

In just nine days there will be major changes to the way air cargo exports are screened.From 1 March 2019, all outbound international air cargo, regardless of destination, must:

  • be examined—at piece-level—by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA); or
  • originate from a Known Consignor. 

This arrangement, which has been in place for exports to the US for several years, will now apply to all destinations.

If you are planning to export via air cargo in the beginning of March, be prepared for possible delays as supply chains adjust to this new operating environment. Also be aware there may be increases in fees along the supply chain, with RACAs needing to recover the cost of new (and expensive) screening equipment and the increased manual handling required.

Please talk to your logistics providers about what effects the new screening requirements will have on your air cargo exports.


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