International market research projects for your business

13.03.2019 Kristina Koprivica

The Global Trade Accelerator (GTA) Program is a virtual two week program enabling NSW-based exporters and trade professionals to post market research briefs for teams of international university students to address.

Student teams with an understanding of international markets will work on market research briefs for NSW exporters.

This program is jointly funded by Study NSW, a dedicated unit within the NSW Department of Industry focused on supporting the NSW international education sector and improving the experience of international students in NSW.

Expressions of interest: 

Deadline: Friday 22 March 2019
Please email your interest or questions to:

How it works:

  • Register on the GTA site or app
  • Set up a profile and post your market research brief(s), which will remain active until you update or remove
  • Teams of international students with relevant backgrounds and interests from participating universities will address your brief during a two week time frame
  • You will be notified when a team is assigned to your brief
  • Students are guided through an online structured market research process, which will generate valuable insights and data relevant to your brief
  • Student teams will collectively put in around 100 hours of work to address your brief
  • When complete, you receive a market research report
  • You will then provide brief feedback to the team (<1 hour per team)
  • You can choose the extent of your engagement with the students
  • You can choose to rate the students’ work and engagement

Key program details:

  • There is no financial cost to participate as a local exporter. You can submit a project brief and the student team will work on it as part of a work-integrated learning experience.
  • Estimated time commitment on your behalf is estimated at 1-3 hours in total.
  • Projects will get a team of 5-6 diverse, multi-disciplinary students who will undertake the two-week project in response to a short project brief – which will be completed entirely online.
  • Student teams work through a structured problem-solving process and are supported by Practera, a collaborative learning platform.
  • No cost to participate


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