​Ponte Valle: Investment in the relationship with our clients paid off

08.09.2020 Export Council of Australia

When the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, our fortnightly featured member, Point Valle, a global leadership and company collaboration educator had to rearrange its business in order to fit into "a new normal" in providing business couching services.

David Morley, Ponte Valle's Managing director shares how COVID-19 impacted their business in recent months:

How was your business impacted by COVID-19?

Like most, we experienced a significant slowdown in business, and as a global service provider, we felt the impact when countries we work closely with shut their doors. The positive though has been the validation of the time and effort we’ve invested in the relationships with our clients. Our connections with clients over the past 6 months have been more personal, caring and mutually supportive which has been a fantastic motivator for us, and we hope for them too.

What changes did the company make to accommodate the effects of COVID-19?

We wore more hats than you usually do, i.e. when our casual social media coordinator found a full-time role, we just absorbed that into the team. We repackaged some of our key programs for online delivery and used our agility to experiment with different ideas for revenue generation.

What strategies have you implemented to help with the recovery?

We used this period to embed a rebrand across all of our product lines, strengthen our internal processes, and implemented a model for certification and delivery of our products by other consultants or within organisations, which has resulted in a global distribution partnership with a European-headquartered culture consulting firm.

Are you positive about the future of exporting for your business?

Yes, we just think it will look a bit different from how it was pre-COVID-19 . We are exporting a service, and sometimes it helps to provide it in person, but we know that our services can be delivered just as well through effective local partnering, and for some services online delivery.

Are there any lessons learnt that you would like to share with the exporting community?

Good business is more than just the bottom line, so don’t underestimate the value of your relationships with customers or suppliers as a mutual source of motivation and support when times are tough.

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