IP Australia: Are you considering approaching a global market with your business?

18.03.2021 IP Australia

Expanding into a global market can seem daunting at first but it can provide your business with the opportunity to grow.

Before entering a global market, consider how protecting your intellectual property (IP) forms the basis of establishing your market position. It is also important to ensure you are not infringing the rights of others in your countries of choice.

How do I decide if a global market is right for my business?

There are many factors to consider when looking at a global market and assessing the resources needed to commercialise outside Australia. Analysing your resources will help to determine whether you are better off establishing your business in a domestic market first, or if approaching a global market at the same time is right for you.

You may wish to consider your:
  • financial position
  • target markets
  • local regulatory requirements
  • manufacturing capabilities
  • distribution channels and partnerships outside Australia

How do I decide what kind of IP protection I need overseas?

It is important to know that registration in Australia does not automatically grant IP rights protection overseas. IP protection overseas will need to be obtained separately. Ensuring you are covered in all the markets you intend to enter is important.

Consider whether you need:
  • Patent protection overseas
  • Trade mark protection overseas
  • Design protection overseas
Navigating IP protection can be complex. IP Australia has created a range of resources to help guide you.

Where can I find out more?

To learn more about how best to approach a global market with your IP, visit IP Australia’s website.

If you need help specific to your business or situation, it is recommended that you seek advice from an IP professional.
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