Japanese remote robotics company chooses South Australia to grow its business

28.07.2020 Trade and Investment - South Australia

South Australia’s space credentials have attracted Japanese robotics software company, SE4 to Lot Fourteen as the latest company to move into the Defence and Space Landing Pad. The company also received funding under the South Australian Landing Pad program.

SE4 specialises in remote robotics using virtual reality, enabling remote operation at vast distances, developing virtual reality and augmented reality control platforms for assets operating in high latency and low bandwith orientated environments such as space, underground or underwater.

SE4 expects to employ three people in its first year in Adelaide, adding to the 14-strong workforce currently based in Japan working across semi-autonomous excavation, undersea asset observation and maintenance, construction-site automation, satellite retrieval operations and high variety low volume logistics material handling.

For further information about Defence SA visit the Defence and Space Landing Pad or view eligibility at the South Australian Landing Pad.


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