Navigating Australia’s FTA network

17.11.2017 Collins Rex
Navigating Australia’s FTA network

Free Trade Agreements, or FTAs, are international treaties between two or more countries that reduce barriers to trade in goods and services, and investment. FTAs open up opportunities for Australian exporters and investors by improving market access. In addition to removing or reducing tariff barriers, FTAs can also address other trade issues.

Each FTA is negotiated separately and while there are common elements, each reflects the negotiation process and the particular issues for the countries involved. As such, each agreement is different and care needs to be taken when identifying opportunities.

It is important to remember that FTAs lead to “freer” trade – not necessarily free trade.

The ECA is pleased to launch a new contemporary online, interactive program for companies looking to start their journey of expanding into overseas markets.

As part of the Going Global program you can learn more about how to navigate Australia’s FTA network.

Topics include:

  • What are Free Trade Agreements?
  • What current FTAs are in place?
  • What FTAs are being negotiated?
  • How do FTAs benefit your company?
  • What are Non-Tariff Barriers?
  • Practicalities of understanding how to navigate FTA benefits: correctly classifying products and Certificate of Origin requirements
  • How to consider the market opportunities vs perceived benefits of an FTA
  • Checklist of things to consider before entering an FTA market
  • Case Study: United States of America
  • FTA Tool overview: Looking at opportunities in the FTA markets.
The Going Global program aims to help you to demystify developing your international business strategy so that you are armed with the right skills and the right toolkit to embark confidently in the next stage of growing your business.

The ECA is pleased to have developed this course in partnership with OpenLearning.

Not sure if this program is for you? Try before you buy: Enrol now and enjoy Module 1 of our Going Global program completely free of charge!

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