Sri Lanka Women Trading Globally Participant writes about her new product range

19.05.2020 Ruvinika Kinigama

Térapy Ceylon - Ayurvedic goodness from Sri Lanka
Térapy Ceylon
was created with the passion of sharing day-to-day Ayurveda that we practice in our homes in Sri Lanka, with the rest of the world. 

Working in a tea company, we looked at various forms of ‘adulterations’ such as adding flavours, dried flowers, and even adding sugar shaped hearts, to this beautiful brew we know as Tea, just to keep up with consumer demands. It broke our hearts to see consumers that didn’t appreciate the true value and goodness of Pure Ceylon Tea.

One day walking in my garden, I plucked a few branches off my Moringa tree to make a sambol for lunch. I laughed at the thoughts of how the Western countries have gone crazy about finding out the true nutritional benefits of Moringa. I thought how silly, they’ve suddenly discovered things we’ve always known, and now these leaves are in demand. But later I realized how many of these amazing herbs and remedies we have in our homes in Sri Lanka and how much we take them for granted.

Native Sri Lankan Ayurveda is different from its neighbouring Indian Ayurveda, as it uses endemic herbs found on Sri Lankan soil for its curative remedies. That’s when the idea was born to infuse Ceylon Ayurveda with Ceylon Tea, offering consumers wellness in a ‘cuppa’.

Térapy Ceylon took over 4 years to develop. From meeting indigenous Ayurvedic practitioners in rural villages, working with them to develop blends that can be infused with tea leaves, testing them for their curative powers with university graduates, adjusting their ratios, testing their shelf life, approvals and the list is endless. But we’ve finally finished the entire process of packaging, branding, and logistics.

As we were about to launch our e-commerce platform this February, we were hit with the COVID -19 lockdown. Sadly, this sudden and unfortunate lockdown has delayed our launch of the brand that we’ve worked for and at an opportune time that consumers may have been able to enjoy its curative potencies. The products don’t claim to have direct medical relief but these are simple herbal blends we use in our homes on a day-to-day basis to build our immunities, for detoxing, to balance stomach gases and more.

I am thankful to the Women Trading Globally Program as it was the main platform that taught me and my team on the best way to take the brand to the market. We had developed the product and the brand but the channels to take it to the market and the logistics to the global market place was a daunting task.

Thanks to the program I came back with many options and ideas on how best to market and distribute the product overseas and we’ve made many inroads into this. We are ready to launch and are awaiting clearer skies for things to take off. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Women Trading Globally Program for helping us to take this project from the product stage into the international market.

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