Sunshine Coast Good News Story

17.03.2020 Richelle Ward
Sunshine Coast Good News Story

While every day we learn more about the effects of COVID-19 we can’t help but feel concerned about what the next few months will bring for our health and economy. Last week while travelling to regional areas in Queensland my colleague and I came across this good news story that we just had to share with you all.


After recently celebrating a 20-year Friendship City Agreement anniversary between the Sunshine Coast Council and the Xiamen Municipal government, our friends at the Sunshine Coast Council, along with many international sister cities, expressed solidarity with the city of Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, by offering urgently-needed medical supplies. Xiamen Airlines provided airfreight service from Sydney direct to Xiamen International airport where the shipment received priority clearance.

These medical supplies were then distributed, by the Xiamen Red Cross Society and the Xiamen Health Commission, to hospitals and fever clinics designated for the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients. This parcel of unity contained a variety of anti-epidemic supplies, including Antibacterial Hand sanitiser, manufactured by local Sunshine Coast-based business Concept Labs. Read a story posted by the Sunshine Coast Daily (06/03/2020) about Concept Labs and their experience with the effects of COVID-19. It’s a MUST READ.

Sunshine Coast Council also sent a consolation letter to the city to express support for its people, which was gratefully acknowledged by the Xiamen government.

So while we may have a few hurdles to face in the coming months it is encouraging to know that while we are oceans apart, our Australian spirit is something we can all be proud of and small gestures like the above will no doubt leave a lasting impression on our overseas friendships.

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