Your chance to stand up for free trade

06.08.2019 Heath Baker

Earlier this year the Australian Government concluded free trade agreements with Indonesia and Hong Kong, but the Parliament is only now considering whether to make those agreements law.

We cannot take for granted that this will happen. After the election there are a lot of unknowns about the Australian Parliament’s support for free trade: Labour is rebuilding its policy platform and the positions of key cross-benchers are unclear.

It is critical to make a strong case for free trade during the parliamentary processes, and the ECA will be doing just that.

The ECA calls on its members to provide input into the importance for their businesses of free trade with Indonesia and Hong Kong.

We are asking ECA business members to email by 15 August with any input about how they will benefit from these FTAs. We will present this as evidence to parliamentary committees, the opposition and key cross-benchers.

You can find out more about the FTA with Indonesia here and Hong Kong here.

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