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Economic recovery will require leadership in trade


As the voice for Australian exporters, the Export Council of Australia calls on the Australian Government to take immediate action to develop and implement a comprehensive and practical trade-led economic recovery package.  We recognise the challenges and constraints faced by the Government but, now more than ever, they need to lead here and internationally.

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Export Council of Australia Partner with Gandhi Creations to Create New Opportunities to Position Australian Businesses on a Global Context


Across several national projects and initiatives, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) will be partnering with NSW based multi-award-winning social enterprise, Gandhi Creations, to further enhance bilateral trade relationships between Australia and nations across the globe.

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Trade Barriers Register Media Release


Red tape, unnecessary technical regulations, opaque standards and discriminatory practices hurt Australian exporters’ ability to compete in global markets. The process for identifying and managing such challenges can be unclear—both domestically and internationally. That’s why today the Export Council of Australia, Food Innovation Australia Limited and the Industry Growth Centres are launching the Trade Barriers Register. The register has been developed by industry, for industry, to help give visibility to and resolve trade barriers affecting Australian businesses

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Winners announced at 2018 Premier's NSW Export Awards


Nineteen New South Wales businesses have been recognised and celebrated for their outstanding success and contribution to the state’s trade output at the Premier’s New South Wales Export Awards which were held at the Star last night (Wednesday 24 October 2018).

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Bipartisan trade condition essential for Australia's prosperity


A bipartisan commitment to open trade and investment is one of the key reasons Australia is in its record 27th year of consecutive annual economic growth. When the Senate considers the TPP-11 next week, Parliament has an opportunity to send a clear signal to the country and the world that, in the face of growing protectionism around the world, Australia retains its bipartisan commitment to global leadership in international trade.

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Outstanding Queensland Businesses Win Export Awards


Sixteen Queensland businesses have been recognised and celebrated for their outstanding success and contribution to the state’s trade output at the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards which were held at the Hilton Brisbane last night (Thursday 11 October 2018).

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WTO government procurement agreement is all upside for Australian businesses


‘Access to foreign markets is extremely important for businesses that provide goods and services to governments’ said Alina Bain, CEO of the Export Council of Australia (ECA).The ECA welcomes the news that Australia has received support to join the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA).

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The 2018 Premier’s NSW Export Awards Applications Now Open


The Export Council of Australia (ECA), along with our principal partner the NSW Government, and our 2018 award partners, are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2018 Premier’s NSW Export Awards. The 56th annual awards were officially launched on Monday 21 May at the Sydney Start Up Hub.

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2018 budget a positive for SME exporters… but there’s still a long way to go


‘Overall, this is positive budget for SME exporters’ said Heath Baker, head of policy at the Export Council of Australia (ECA). ‘But it’s an incremental step forward, not a major leap.’ ‘The government has rightly been a champion of trade and has trumpeted its achievements in signing FTAs’, said Mr Baker. ‘But if you want to grow trade, FTAs are only part of the answer. This budget goes some way to addressing SME exporters’ other needs—but there’s still more to be done.’

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ECA launches Australia’s International Business Survey 2018


“AIBS 2018 will continue to build on the foundation we have established over the last four years and drive new insights into the international perspectives and outlooks of Australian businesses,” ECA CEO Alina Bain said.

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TPP-11: The symbolism is strong, the economics are even stronger


‘Signing the TPP-11 could not come at a more important time’ said Heath Baker, head of policy at the Export Council of Australia (ECA). ‘It shows that despite the protectionism coming out of the US, there is still momentum to increasing shared prosperity through freer trade.’ The ECA welcomes the signing of the TPP-11 (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, also known as the CPTPP).

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In a trade war, retaliating with tariffs is just shooting yourself in the foot


The biggest losers from the US’s steel and aluminium tariffs aren’t other countries that export to the US, the biggest losers are Americans’ said Heath Baker, head of policy at the Export Council of Australia (ECA).

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FTA debate overlooks the big picture—there are not enough SMEs exporting


‘Australia is having the wrong debate about trade’ said Heath Baker, head of policy at the Export Council of Australia (ECA). ‘Trade agreements, like the TPP-11, are only as good as the companies using them. If we’re serious about boosting economic growth through trade, then trade agreements are only part of the answer. The priority must be to address the lack of SMEs in export.’

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Appointment of new CEO


Export Council of Australia (ECA), the peak body representing the promotion of Australian industry in international markets as our primary goal has today announced the appointment of Ms. Alina Bain as the new Chief Executive Officer of the organisation.

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Modelling the TPP: not should we, but can we?


Now the 11 countries in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership (or TPP11) have concluded negotiations, modelling is emerging as a major point of disagreement in Australia.

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Media Release: After a decade of waiting, it’s time to make the TPP happen


‘After almost a decade of negotiations, it’s important to finally turn the TPP into reality’ said Heath Baker, Head of Policy for the Export Council of Australia.

The Export Council of Australia welcomes the conclusion of negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Even without the United States, the TPP will provide significant new and improved market access for Australian exporters.

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Australia's diverse export industry eyes Argentina as a high potential investment destination


Argentina is two years into social and economic reform program aimed at modernising its economy and reducing obstacles to foreign trade and investment, making it an easier place to do business for Australian companies. Australia is no stranger to Argentina’s renaissance and through the Australian Trade and Investment Commission’s (Austrade) market strategy it has awakened the business opportunities that span various industries, from energy and resources to the digital economy.

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Largest survey into the behaviour of Australia’s international businesses highlights that our growing network of free trade agreements (FTAs) is having a positive impact on Australian trade


The results of Australia’s International Business Survey 2017 (AIBS 2017), the fourth in a series of studies of Australia's international business activity, are now available and highlight the positive impact that Australia’s growing network of free trade agreements (FTAs) are having on Australian trade. Commissioned by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) with the support of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic), and analysed by UTS Business School, AIBS 2017 is one of the country’s largest and most in-depth surveys of internationally-active Australian businesses.

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ECA applauds Australia's leading role in working toward rules for digital trade at WTO


Open, transparent and rules-based international trade are critical to Australia’s economic prosperity. The Export Council of Australia (ECA) therefore applauds the Australian government’s leading efforts in establishing a work program to set rules for digital trade at the 11th World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC11) this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Government needs to back up the Foreign Policy White Paper’s talk with action


‘The Foreign Policy White Paper says all the right things’ said Export Council of Australia (ECA) CEO Lisa McAuley. ‘But the value of the paper will be determined by whether they’re put into action. ‘We endorse the five objectives the government announced in the White Paper. Australia’s future prosperity depends on a prosperous and secure region, its citizens remaining safe, secure and free, emphatically rejecting protectionism, growing international opportunities for its businesses and an international system governed by rules.

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