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  • Australian Export Handbook 21st Edition
    $137.50 AUD

    Australian Export Handbook 21st Edition

    $137.50 AUD

    It seems like only yesterday that we launched the new 20th Edition of the Australian Export Handbook. Since then the world of international business has changed significantly:

    • The implementation of three new Free Trade Agreements (Japan, Korea and China)

    • The announcement of the Trans Pacific Partnership

    • The pilot of a new Trusted Trader Program to streamline customs procedures

    • The announcement of changes to the Known Consigner Scheme and how this impacts on air freight into the US

    The world of International Trade is ever changing. You constantly need to be on top of compliance and regulatory changes not only in Australia but overseas. To help ensure you keep on top of your requirements, the ECA has updated the Australian Export Handbook and we are pleased to officially launch the 21st Edition.

    The essential international business tool kit is a comprehensive guide to ALL of the practical aspects of managing an international business. 

    Anyone involved in selling products/ services internationally should have a copy of this sitting on their desk!

    As the ONLY authoritative reference on best practice, the handbook covers:

    • Selling Products and Services overseas: what you need to know
    • Export Procedures & Documentation: manage the process efficiently
    • Export Documentation: practical case studies for you to use
    • Free Trade Agreements: find out how to navigate the latest FTA’s
    • Customs: know the regulations
    • Banking & Finance: getting paid!
    • Foreign Exchange Management: managing your exposure
    • Managing your international risk: marine and credit insurance
    • International Freight Forwarding
    • Packaging and Labelling for export
    • Compliance and Trusted Trader
    • Sanctions, Bribery & Corruption
    • Incoterms
    • Setting up a business overseas
    • Managing Intellectual Property

    At 652 pages plus this publication is the A-Z of what you need to know about managing an International Business. 

    Who should use the Handbook?

    This book is published for the benefit of those engaged in any activity related to international business: export managers, personnel involved with export documentation, shipping department staff, bank officers, freight forwarders, students etc.

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