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  • ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010
    $154.00 AUD

    ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010

    $154.00 AUD

    On January 1, 2011 the much heralded 2010 revision to Incoterms® will take effect. ICC Incoterms® are global rules that clarify the costs, risks, and responsibilities of both buyers and sellers. Developed by ICC and used by companies to move goods around the world, ICC Incoterms® have become the standard in international business rules setting.

    Who should buy this publication?

    • Exporters
    • Importers
    • Sales managers
    • Purchasing managers
    • Forwarders
    • Custom brokers
    • Carriers
    • Credit professionals
    • Compliance professionals
    • Insurers
    • Trade consultants
    • International bankers and attorneys

    Implementation date: 1 January 2011.

    Incoterms® rules define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts. Incoterms® 2010 takes into account the latest developments in commercial practice, and updates and consolidates some of the former rules. A new classification system divides the 11 Incoterms® rules into two distinct groups:

    • Rules for any mode of transport: EXW FCA CPT CIP DAT DAP DDP

    • Rules for waterway transport: FAS FOB CFR CIF

    In addition to the 11 rules, Incoterms®2010 includes: 
    • Extensive guidance notes and illustrative graphics to help users efficiently choose the right rule for each transaction;
    • New classification to help choosing the most suitable rule in relation to the mode of transport;
    • Advice for the use of electronic procedures;
    • Information on security-related clearances for shipments;
    • Advice for the use of Incoterms® 2010 in domestic trade.

    ICC has been writing and publishing Incoterms® rules for more than 70 years, providing importers, exporters, lawyers, freight forwarders, insurers and students in the international area with rules and guidance reflecting the latest developments in the trading environment.cumentation, shipping department staff, bank officers, freight forwarders and students.


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