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  • zShanghai Free Trade Zone and Australia full research report
    $33.00 AUD

    zShanghai Free Trade Zone and Australia full research report

    $33.00 AUD

    The SFTZ is one of the most ambitious economic and financial reform initiatives China has undertaken in a long time. It offers an easier and simpler environment for Australian businesses in China, and opens new opportunities in a number of areas. It is also a complex and little understood initiative in Australia. 

    It is a complex initiative and it will not be for everyone, but it offers real advantages for many Australian businesses.

    Contents of this research report include:

    Change, reform and opening up
    Putting the SFTZ in the context of China’s historical reform efforts
    Spotlight on China’s Special Economic Zones and new Free Trade Zones
    How is the SFTZ different from what has come before, and what can we expect from the new Shanghai-style FTZs
    The Shanghai FTZAn overview of the FTZ’s development, policies and procedures, and the benefits of operating there
    The Australian experienceWhy should Australian businesses pay attention to the SFTZ and what has been the experience so far
    Perspective from Hong Kong
    Is the SFTZ a challenger to Hong Kong as a gateway to the Mainland market?

    Who would benefit from this publication?

    International Business Development Managers
    Government bodies

    This report was made possible by our partners Asialink Business, the Australia-China Council and Austrade.

    Publisher: Export Council of Australia
    Publication date: November 2015

    Disclaimer: No responsibility whatsoever can be accepted by the publishers, editor, researchers or any other person or company involved in the preparation of this publication for accuracy or usefulness of any information contained therein. Any consequential loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance on this information is the sole responsibility of the user. No warranty, express or implied, is given and no legal responsibility is assumed by the ECA, its servants or contractors.


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