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  • Understanding the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement

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    Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) play an increasingly important role in supporting global trade liberalisation.

    Australia’s growing network of FTAs creates new opportunities for businesses to expand into overseas markets by lowering barriers to trade. It is important for companies to understand these FTAs, what they might mean for their business, and how to take full advantage of them.

    This Toolkit provides the fundamentals of understanding the various opportunities for Australian companies interested in Malaysia, and how the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement can facilitate their entry or expansion into the market. 

    Topics covered:

    • What are FTAs?
    • How FTAs benefit your business
    • Australia’s FTAs
    • Malaysia's FTAs
    • MAFTA overview and benefits
    • How to navigate the MAFTA for your business
    • Tips for doing business internationally

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