Australia's Trade and Investment relationship with the countries of Africa—2017 Inquiry


To some, 'Africa' is still synonymous with risk and uncertainty and there is a tendency to see the continent as one market and not he 54 distinct, separate countries - each, a market of its own. There is no denying the continent has seen more than its fair share of turmoil but what many Australians don't often hear about - and even fewer ever see with their own eyes - is that many countries in Africa are thriving. Throughout the continent we are seeing an increase in political and economic stability and an improvement in macroeconomic conditions, which in turn fosters productive business environments. 

There are certain countries in Africa that hold considerable opportunity for Australian businesses and which must not be ignored. Why? Because business simply can't afford to miss the 'Rise of Africa'. The message is simple, if Australian businesses don't get a foot in the door, someone else will.

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Ed Serrano
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