Demystifying Korea

Understanding and doing business in Korea for Australian service providers

The Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) levels the playing field for Australia with our international competitors in Korea, our fourth largest trading partner. It provides a foundation for Australian exporters to expand their engagement and access new opportunities in the country.

For service providers, unlocking these new opportunities through KAFTA is an important achievement, considering our services trade with Korea trails far behind our trade in goods. This Demystifying Korea report provides an overview of KAFTA’s benefits and the opportunity available for Australian businesses in professional services, financial services and education services.

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) encourages greater Australian engagement in the Korean services sector, and this report provides business with a resource to help understand both the opportunity as well as the challenges they may face along the way.

This report was made possible by our partners the Australia-Korea Foundation and Austrade.

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Ed Serrano
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