Circumvention of Australia's Anti–Dumping Laws—2014 Inquiry

Submission Overview

Notwithstanding that the ECA's primary role is to represent SME exporters, in reality the majority of Australian exporters of products also import goods as inputs to manufacture. Accordingly, exporters (including ECA members) are also affected by Australia's anti – dumping and countervailing regime ("Regime"). For those purposes, Australian exporters are keen to ensure that the Regime is transparent and affords certainty as to the cost of inputs to manufacture. Clearly, the imposition of additional duties whether as a result of an anti – dumping or countervailing investigation has an effect on an exporter, which effect is usually unexpected and cannot be readily passed on to customers and is ultimately borne by the exporter.

The ECA does wish to bring to the attention of the Committee that there is little, if any, contemporary economic theory which supports the imposition of anti – dumping or countervailing duties. There have also been suggestions that the Regime has more adverse than beneficial effects and it should, in fact, be dismantled, along with tariffs themselves. Accordingly the ECA assumes that the Committee proceeds on the basis that there is merit in continuing the Regime.

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