Government Support for Australian Defence Industry Exports—2014 Inquiry

Submission Overview

At the outset, the ECA recognises that the suppliers to the defence industry face specific and unique issues that are not faced by suppliers in other industries. One issue is that defence is rightly seen as an issue of paramount national interest, meaning that governments around the world need to support their local suppliers and ensure that there is not undue reliance on overseas suppliers. Governments may also have an obligation to ensure that exports by local suppliers are not sent to hostile countries and are not in breach of international or other sanctions.

All of these considerations support sensible and transparent restraints on exports and imports by those in the defence industry. However, at the same time, the ECA endorses the principle that the Australian Government (and other governments) should act in a way which supports and enhances the ability of those supplying to the defence industry to export their products. As a result, the ECA encourages the Inquiry to seek ways to improve exports in a manner which is consistent with both legitimate national and security interests, and international obligations.


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