Business Experience in Utilising Australia’s Free Trade Agreements—2015 Inquiry

The ECA welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Joint Select Committee on Trade and Investment Growth Inquiry into the Business Experience in Utilising Australia’s FTAs.

The ECA supports international agreements that serve to further liberalise trade between Australia and the rest of the world. Trade is a key driver of jobs, innovation and long term prosperity for Australia and FTAs help secure preferential access to the markets of key trade partners. As has been well documented of late, there is significant potential to increase the understanding and utilisation of Australia’s FTAs and the ECA is pleased to have the opportunity to provide its insights and recommendations in this submission.

The ECA would like to note that it welcomes the recent announcement in the 2015 Federal Budget that the government is investing in improving business’ understanding of the recently concluded trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea and assisting businesses to access and maximise their benefits under these agreements.

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Ed Serrano
Managing Director,
VEKTA Advanced Automation
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