Foreign Bribery—2015 Inquiry

Submission Overview

As with other parties who have made submission to the Inquiry, the ECA is supports that steps are being taken to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence of bribery (or attempted bribery). The ECA shares the views of the other parties regarding the adverse consequences of a commercial culture that includes and requires bribery and corruption. However in addition to the observations to the other parties who have made submissions, the ECA wishes to draw the attention of the Committee to the unique position of SME exporters and importers (SMEs). Those SMEs may be disproportionately exposed to problems compared to larger companies due to;
  • Lack of knowledge causing inadvertent breaches of complex and often unknown legislation regarding bribery; and
  • Being subject to more pressure to engage in conduct which may constitute bribery or corruption than large companies and who do not have the resources or market position to reject or deflect those pressures.

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Ed Serrano
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